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Standard windows

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  • doradztwo, wycenę, realizację, montaż oraz gwarancję producenta
  • wykonujemy okna stałe i otwierane w każdym kolorze i rozmiarze na indywidualne zamówienie klienta
  • współpracujemy z największymi dostawcami profili i szkła oferują najnowsze technologie dostępne na rynku
  • produkujemy w oparciu o nowoczesne systemy takie jak: SAPA AVANTIS 95, REYNAERS CS86, CS104, ALIPLAST STAR, YAWAL TM77HI, TM90HI, ALUPROF 86Si, 86Aero i inne

What are standard windows?

tm90Aluminium profile windows are becoming more and more popular every year, due to their durability and thermal parameters which can easily compete with those of wood and PVC. As a result of the use of Winkhaus window fittings, previously found only in PVC windows, which work effortlessly and precisely, the price of ready-made windows can be lowered. The use of aluminium profiles enables the production of parallel-retracting windows, lift-and-slide systems of the largest size and highest durability, windows with hidden sashes, industrial type windows and others of complicated structure.

Standard windows’s types

Aluminium windows provide a wide variety of fittings and solutions unavailable in other systems. Windows with invisible Winkhaus Select and Sobinco Invision fittings constitute a modern and aesthetic solution for houses and offices. In windows with a hidden sash the sash frame is integrated into the window frame structure. By dint of this technology, it is possible to construct windows of exceptional aesthetic value. If the windows are fitted high, it is possible to tilt them from floor level with the use of an elastic strand: useful in gyms and stairwells.
We produce smoke ventilation windows operated by an actuator integrated with a fire prevention system, for which we have the required licenses and certificates.
Okna standardowe

Systems that we use

There are several different window systems available on the market. They can vary in many ways. Some of them are certified as burglar-resistant, some have an extremely large permissible size, some have a wide choice of profiles to meet the investors’ needs. Our production potential covers the full range of window systems, such as: Aliplast Imperial, Superial, Sapa Avantis 60, 70, Yawal TM62, TM74, Aluprof MB60, MB70, Cortizo, Jansen, Schuco and many others.
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